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About Eminevim

Our History

Eminevim, a company of Emin Group which is founded in 1991, started its activities with the aim of making people house owner in an easy way without paying interest. With the use of the “Cooperative” model, which was developed as an alternative to bank loan, people can acquire required finance to become a owner of any house they want without paying interest, with installments and payments in accordance with their budget. Eminevim carries the title of being a special institution which meets 1 percent of housing sale finance of Turkey and delivered home documents in all area of 81 provinces of Turkey. Through Eminevim 145 thousands family became the owner of house and automobile. With more than 1700 delivery monthly, it continues to grow on day by day.

How Does Eminevim Works?

Cooperative System

The Cooperative system founded by Eminevim provides the opportunity to become house owner in turns by bringing people together with solidarity. In accordance with the maturity date, people come together and form housing draw groups and become house owner when their turns come by paying installment for their house of choice.

Draw System

Draw system provides the opportunity to become house owner with housing prices determined by people,with down payment and installments with the draws made in the presence of notary public in the predetermined date. The customer, who is included in a 100-month lottery group over the value of the house he wants to buy, is obliged to pay the remaining installments after paying the down payment for 100 months. With the draw, he makes his payments until his turns come with the condition that the delivery date is no latter than middle of the term, when the delivery date comes he becomes the owner of his desired house.

System Without Draw

Without participating in draw, by determining the price of house and date, the down payment and installment payment, the exact delivery date is determined by Eminevim. With Eminevim there is an opportunity to become house owner in an early period instead of a long-term payment plan with a person's own savings. In addition, those who do not have advance payment can also become house owner at the middle of the term by paying installments.

In 29 Years 145 Thousand Delivery

In every region of Turkey more than 145 Thousand families fulfilled their dreams of having a house and a car with the service of Eminevim.With the system facilitated by Eminevim, a person can own a house that he chose without paying interest.

Eminevim in Figures

  • 105 Branches all over Turkey
  • 1650 Employees
  • More than 1700 houses and automobiles delivery per month